Scapa Soft-Pro® Silicone Gel

Scapa Soft-Pro® Silicone Gel

Scapa Soft-Pro® Silicone Gel platform provides minimal trauma upon removal, ideal for use on sensitive skin. It can be used on open wounds or intact skin.  It’s repositionable and flexible to conform to body contours.  Available in standard and perforated coating. 

Gentle Adhesion


Suitable for sensitive skin



Scapa Soft-Pro® Silicone Gel is now available in a perforated format to deliver improved wound management. Perforations allow for easier transmission of wound exudate into the dressings absorbent layer. Perforated silicone layer offers enhanced breathability and moisture management, reducing the risk of skin maceration.

Standard and customizable silicone gel products can be incorporated into your final product design, providing skin friendly adhesion to the patient. Available in standard or 2.8 mm perforated formats, the layer can be produced in double-sided and single-sided variants.


Reduce Skin Maceration

Exudate Management


Sample construction. Speak to your Healthcare Sales Representative to determine the appropriate Scapa Soft-Pro Silicone Gel solution for your project.