Medical Devices

Medical devices include a broad range of products varying in complexity and application. We bring together our design expertise and our broad range of adhesives and high performance materials, coupled with diverse manufacturing capabilities to offer skin friendly medical device fixation for short to multi-day wear.

Our highly skilled consultants can help you to identify the solution that best suits your product’s requirements, and we can help you bring your product to market with our full turn-key capabilities.

Scapa Healthcare is the proven global market leader in customized, skin friendly turn-key solutions for high-performing skin contact applications.

We have over 25 years experience in developing and manufacturing skin friendly medical device fixation solutions which securely integrate the technology to body.

MEDIFIX Solutions™ - Wearable Medical Device Fixation

Scapa is an experienced partner with a portfolio of materials and capability to deliver products exhibiting breathability, conformability, and gentle wear.

The Bioflex® material and Scapa Soft-Pro® adhesive portfolios facilitate customized interfaces that can be applied anywhere on the body, withstanding various activity levels and moisture levels, and accommodating different skin types and ages, device sizes and types of use, for varying lengths of time.


Custom Construction

User-Friendly Designs

Tailored Materials

Adhesives for Multi-hour to Multi-day Wear

Proven adhesive options for multi-hour to multi-day wear

User Spectrum

Just like medical devices, people come in all shapes and sizes. MEDIFIX Solutions™ brings together our design expertise and our broad range of medical adhesives, films, and coatings, coupled with our diverse manufacturing capabilities, to enable us to offer skin friendly turn-key solutions to our business partners


A user may be wearing the device while showering or bathing, or while participating in high-intensity or water activities, or may be sedentary.


Our portfolio of skin friendly materials and adhesives design options speak to breathability, conformability, and gentle wear, no matter where the device is worn.

Ease of Use

Ease of application is key for any wearable device. We know how to support easy-tounderstand, simple application via design, materials and on-product printed instructions.


Patient safety is paramount. Skin friendly medical grade materials and adhesives offer biocompatibility and patient wellbeing.

Wear Time

Our materials will ensure product performance and fixation security, encompassing short, medium and long wear times.

Device Types

Med Device On Body

Sensors measure activity and send signals out to another device, eg glucose, cardiac or oxygen monitor, athlete training device.

Electrical Lead
Sensors measure activity and send signals through a lead connected to a device, eg EKG monitor, pulse oximetry.

Drug Delivery
A patch attached to a device that delivers drugs, eg insulin pump.