Our Markets

At Scapa Healthcare we deploy our extensive experience in a range of healthcare sectors to support new product developments.  The market sectors we serve are advanced wound care, consumer wellness, and the rapidly growing wearable medical device segment. 

Due to the rapid evolution of the healthcare industry, the demand for innovative medical products is greater than ever.  Scapa Healthcare strives not only to remain at the forefront of high-tech, skin friendly adhesives and materials, but also to offer complete turn-key manufacturing solutions for an ideal B2B strategic partnership. 

Advanced Wound Care

Advanced wound care requires a great level of expertise. Our development team will help you design a dressing that fits your needs.

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Consumer Wellness

Our innovative product portfolio offers adhesive-based solutions for first-aid, foot care, and health & beauty segments.

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Medical Devices

Using Scapa MEDIFIX Solutions, our product development team considers clinical and user requirements to design, develop and deliver short and long-term wear wearable medical device fixation.

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