Consumer Wellness

With our turn-key resources and global reach we are able to deliver unique products to the consumer market. Combining our product innovation pipeline and specialty performance materials, we can help you create the right product for your application.

Consumer wellness products, including first aid and personal/skin care products, can be found in every household. The products available in the market are becoming more and more sophisticated: from faster healing antiseptic plasters to medicated corn plasters and heel cushions to help those who are on their feet all day.

Scapa Healthcare has a solution to meet the demands of customers in the consumer wellness industry. We provide a range of skin friendly solutions for wounds, blisters, burns, scars and warts, as well as cosmetic patches.

Whether you need tens of thousands or tens of millions of product units, Scapa Healthcare have the capability and capacity to match your requirements.

Key Applications

Sleep Aids



First Aid Bandages

Scar Reduction Therapy

Foot Care

Cosmetic Patches

Personal Hygiene

Cold/Flu Treatment