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Scapa Healthcare has extensive adhesive coating capabilities, supported by experienced operatives, that enables a seamless process selection and execution. The variety of coating techniques allow for each solution to be based on the products requirements and the best manufacturing practices.

Our adhesive coating capabilities include:

Direct Coating

Transfer Coating

Manufacturing Techniques

The manufacturing techniques we can deploy include knife- or roll-over-roll, reverse roll, gravure, Meyer bar, through method, calendaring and extrusion or slot die. These are used as follows:

Knife or roll-over-roll:

The most common coating technique, either direct onto the carrier or onto a paper or filmic liner.

Gravure, Meyer Bar:

Often used for coating release or primer in low viscosity systems, and for patterned adhesives.

Calendaring and Extrusion:

Used for solventless adhesive (RR, HCM) where there is a need to melt the adhesive.

Reverse Roll:

Preferred for coating where the adhesive could go through the carrier, eg cloth.

Through Method:

Double-sided tape in one pass with same adhesive on both sides.

Slot Die:

A relatively new method for solvent-based or water-based adhesive, which offers better coat weight control and lower coat weights.