Liquids and Powders Filling

Scapa Healthcare offers rapid liquid and powder filling solutions for over-the-counter drugs, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. We have the ability to create custom small-to-medium scale batches of low-to-high viscosity creams, lotions and gels in tubes, jars, bottles and sterile wound care pouches to support companies in wound & ostomy care, consumer healthcare and cosmetic markets.

Rapid Liquid Filling

  • High speed, high viscosity tube filling
  • Manual filling
  • Tube filling (laminated and metallized)
  • Piston filling for jars and bottles
    • Sizes  – 0.5 oz. - 55 gallon drums
  • Sterile wound care pouch filling
  • Beads filling
  • High speed wrap and double sided labeling
    • lot, expiration and UDI bar codes

Rapid Powder Filling

  • High speed, high viscosity tube filling
  • Vials, bottles & pouches filling
    • Sizes – 25 mL or 1.0 oz. - 3.0 oz.
  • Powder, granules or flakes into vials
  • Side labeling
  • In-line weight check, printing


Hot Fill Solids

We have the ability to develop and produce hot filled solids and waxes for a variety of OTC drugs and personal care products including deodorants, lip balms and anti-chaffing sticks.

Hot Melt Wax

  • Hot fill molten sticks
  • Roller milling capacity
  • Deodorant and single stick hot melt formats
  • Sizes – 0.2 oz. – 16 oz. 


Disinfectant Solutions

We also offer contract mixing and filling units for highly effective disinfectant solutions, used to sterilize a wide variety of medical devices and instruments.

Rapid Liquid Filling

  • In-line loading
  • Bottle filling
    • Size – 5 litres
    • Up to 12 x 5 litres per minute
  • Capping
  • Labelling – front / rear / 2D variable batch
  • Manual vial incorporation into handle space
  • Vial presence verification
  • Casing, taping and palletization
  • Box in packs of 4 bottles