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Acquisition of EuroMed, Inc.

24 May, 2016

As part of Scapa Healthcare’s continued growth strategy, today it announces the acquisition of EuroMed, Inc., a leading the hydrocolloid-based wound care solutions business located in Orangeburg, NY. The acquisition of EuroMed expands Scapa Healthcare’s technology portfolio with the addition of hydrocolloids, a medical adhesive that contains gel forming agents. 

EuroMed specializes in the development and manufacturing of hydrocolloid-based wound dressings for the consumer and advanced wound care markets. The introduction of hydrocolloids into Scapa’s portfolio broadens its skin friendly solutions within both market segments.

EuroMed’s proprietary hydrocolloid dressings are skin-friendly dual-layered medical devices made of a skin-like, smooth top layer and an absorbent bottom layer. Hydrocolloid dressings are used as advanced wound care dressings in hospitals to treat patients with chronic wounds and  hydrocolloid-based bandages are increasingly growing in popularity within the consumer segment for everyday foot care needs (blisters and corns), mild burns, minor cuts, and acne patches. 

EuroMed brings its patented HydroSoft™ technology to Scapa Healthcare. The unique hydrocolloid fixation technology delivers a low-trauma adhesive dressing, ideal for fragile skin applications. Delivering comparable comfort properties to silicone gels, HydroSoft™ is a suitable alternative to silicone.

Serving a similar customer base as Scapa Healthcare, the acquisition of EuroMed strengthens Scapa’s offering to its existing customers and expands market accessibility within the consumer segment to better reach the health and beauty sector.