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MEDIFIX Solutions™ - Adhesive Solutions for Wearable Medical Devices

5 Jan, 2017

MEDIFIX Solutions offers a portfolio of materials, adhesives, conversion, printing, and packaging to support wearable device attachment to the skin. The combination of MEDIFIX® materials and converting, in conjunction with a global design and manufacturing footprint, enables efficient custom development and scalable production across the diverse and growing needs of wearable applications, including remote patient monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring and catheter securement for drug delivery.

"The explosion of the wearable market calls for a more sophisticated approach to support our clients in delivering safe, comfortable, high-performing skin attachment options across a diverse patient population for short and long-term wear. MEDIFIX Solutions™ is the natural application of Scapa Healthcare’s complete turnkey capabilities in the wearable device space. With over 25 years experience in delivering skin-friendly products, including mobile medical devices, we have a focused commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations with unique products and nimble, efficient execution – from concept through ongoing production," states Joe Davin, President, Scapa Healthcare.

"The combination of Scapa Soft-Pro® Adhesives and Bioflex® Materials with extensive design and assembly expertise allows for a customized interface between device and body, performing over time across various activity levels, moisture levels, skin types, and device sizes ," states David Douyard, Director, Global Strategic Marketing. "We meet the demands of this evolving medical device market. MEDIFIX Solutions™ provides the sticking factor and delivery to enable devices that live with you".