Demonstrating Ability to Deliver Innovation to Market Faster than Customers’ Internal Capabilities

Project Management 2

February 2020

Scapa Healthcare has the full-service capabilities to partner with its customers to bring innovative first aid products to market efficiently – including hydrogel and hydrocolloid wound dressings and topical skin care solutions for first aid applications such as advanced wound care and OTC consumer wellness.

In one instance, a leading consumer brand came to Scapa with a request to design and launch an extension to its first aid product line. Although the opportunity to handle such a launch was within this customer’s internal capabilities, they chose to explore contracting with Scapa Healthcare in the interest of enhancing innovation and speed to market.

In a collaborative effort between the customer’s multidisciplinary development team and Scapa Healthcare, a turnkey OTC post-surgical, waterproof dressing was successfully delivered to market in only nine months via the retail store channel– nearly three months ahead of the anticipated schedule. Scapa’s seasoned teams of healthcare-focused engineers and R&D experts were able to accelerate innovation at the front-end of product development, designing a first-rate product so no unforeseen issues would arise later during the manufacturing process.

This successful outcome is a prime example of Scapa Healthcare’s competitive advantage in bringing products to market expediently, resulting from a proven ability to fully understanding the needs of customers and their market requirements.