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sterilisation services

Scapa Healthcare provides a full range of sterilisation services to global medical devices and pharmaceutical companies. As a leading strategic outsource partner, we have a proven track record of technical expertise to support customers’ product sterility requirements. 

Our team of experts take an integrated approach to tailor services that provide customers worldwide with the whole spectrum of sterilisation irradiation services. 

Our gamma irradiation facility in Gargrave, UK can sterilise a wide variety of medical devices and pharmaceutical products composed of different materials, densities, dose requirements and material composition. 

We offer a full spectrum of services to meet customer product sterility label claims under ISO 13485 and ISO 11137 accreditations including: 

-In-house Gamma Irradiation facility
   -Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiation 
   -Product processed through a tote irradiation plant
   -Precision dose work using in house turntable
   -Flexible lead-times to meet customer requirements
-Dose establishment & bioburden determination
-Product validation (Method 1 and 2 and VDMAX)
-Microbiology Quality Assurance services
-Product stability
-Regulatory Compliant Sterilisation services
-Technical expertise in electron beam sterilisation and ethylene oxide sterilisation services
-Warehousing and global distribution arrangements

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