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Silicones are a popular choice for applications that require gentle, repositionable adhesion. Scapa Healthcare offers a variety of silicone products with different adhesion characteristics. We are continually focused on finding the right balance between maximum adhesion for continuous and long-term durations and low-trauma removal.  
Scapa Soft-Pro® Silicone Gel range offers gentle, low-trauma fixation solutions that are suitable for sensitive skin applications.  


  • Low trauma upon removal
  • Secure fixation
  • Repositionable
  • Little-to-no residue upon removal
  • Suitable for sensitive skin  
  • Breathable when perforated
  • Biocompatible  


  • Advanced wound care
  • Low trauma fixation
  • Personal care
  • Med device fixation 
    The selection and development of skin-contact adhesives requires careful consideration due to the complex and varying nature of human skin and the purpose of its application – whether it be deciding to attach a wearable medical device to the body for a continuous and long-term duration; to apply a serious wound or burn care dressing; or to affix a bandage to a scratch. Scapa Healthcare brings a breadth of expertise in working with all leading forms of adhesive materials – silicones, Polyurethane Gels, Hydrocolloids, Hydrogels and Acrylics. This gives our team the flexibility to recommend the adhesive formulation – coupled with the optimal substrate -- that is best for every customers’ unique project, based on the needs of their end-users for advanced wound care, medical device fixation, or consumer wellness applications.