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microbiology QA
Aug 5, 2022

Importance of Microbiology Testing in Medical Devices

April Ambridge, Head of Quality, UK, at Scapa Healthcare, shared her thoughts about the growing market demand for microbiology testing services and how Scapa Healthcare uniquely provides the expertise and suite of services required to help its customers succeed.

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Hydrocolloid Innovation Q&A Blog Pic
May 5, 2022

Innovation in Hydrocolloid Skin Adhesives

Hydrocolloid technology has been used in advanced wound care for many years. However, the market is now experiencing rapid growth as new applications and innovations expand the use of the technology. Pranabes Pramanik, senior principal scientist and R&D manager for materials and technology development at Scapa Healthcare, shared his thoughts about the growing market and how Scapa Healthcare is helping our customers create the innovative solutions needed to thrive.

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Foot Car Blog
Feb 25, 2021

How the Pandemic is Impacting Foot Care Product Innovation

Each of our feet is home to more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, 30 joints, and 26 bones.

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